Prospective Students


Program Highlights

ESGP offers considerable flexibility, enabling students, their advisors, and committee members to come up with a unique Program of Study. ESGP students enjoy:

  • Access to Ohio State's globally recognized research centers
  • Opportunities for research training and mentorship from over 100 faculty in 8 different colleges
  • M.S. and Ph.D. Degree Plans that are tailored to the interests of the students
  • Interdisciplinary Course Offerings that intergrate the Biological, Physical, and Social Sciences
  • Four Specialization Tracks: General Study, Agroecosystems, Water Issues, and Climate Change
  • Funding through University Fellowships and Graduate Teaching, Research, and Administrative Associate positions

If you are interested in applying to the ESGP, please see our pages on Admissions Requirements and Application Instructions.

ESGP Research Areas

ESGP offers a wide range of research program areas through the supervision of our interdisciplinary faculty. In addition, ESGP collaborates with many environmental science centers on campus. Listed below are some of the research areas available for student degree concentration. You can check out our faculty pages for more information on each individual’s expertise.

Agroecosystems   Environmental Law and Policy  Risk Assessment
 Air Quality  Environmental Molecular Biology  Rural and Urban Land Use
 Aquatic Ecology  Environmental Remediation  Soil Health
 Biodiversity  Fisheries and Aquaculture  Spatial Analysis
 Carbon Sequestration  Food Production and Security  Wastewater Management
 Climate Change  Forest Ecology  Water Resources
 Community Development  Geology  Water Quality
 Conservation Ecology  Human Health and the Environment  Wetland Ecology
 Contaminants and Pollutants  Hydrology  Wildlife Management
 Decision Science  Integrated Pest Management  
 Ecological Engineering  Mathematical Modelling  
 Ecological Restoration  Microbial Ecology  
 Economic Analysis  Natural Resource Management  
 Ecosystem Services  Nutrient Cycling  
 Environmental Anthropology  Organic Matter  
 Environmental Chemistry  Physiological Ecology  
 Environmental Communication  Population and Community Ecology
 Energy and the Environment  Remote Sensing  
 Environmental Justice  Resilience  

Program Overview


Program flowchart: students can choose between two degree tracks PhD and four specializations

Please note that choosing a specialization is optional. Students who do not wish to specialize may choose general study.