ESGP Student Association (ESGP-SA)

The Environmental Science Graduate Program - Student Association (ESGP-SA) organizes events for students, faculty and alumni to network and share ideas. These gatherings provide meaningful opportunities for ESGP peers to come together. The board (listed below)  is interested in hearing from faculty, students and alumni.

The 2017 – 2018 ESGP-SA Board


President: Jonathan Ogland-Hand

Jonathan is a fourth year PhD student from Grand Rapids, MI working with Prof. Jeffrey Bielicki. His research investigates using CO2 and geothermal resources for bulk energy storage to increase the utilization of variable renewable energy technologies in the electricity system. As President, Jonathan hopes to bring ESGP students together and also provide ESGP students with an opportunity to voice their opinions to help shape the future of the ESGP.

Vice President: Demie Huffman

Demie is a second year MS student from Columbus studying black carbon deposition over the Greenland Ice sheet and international environmental and climate change policy and law. She is working Dr. Joel Barker in the department of Earth Sciences. As vice president, Demie hopes to provide opportunities to connect with other ESGP students and help build relationships through fun programming and events.

Treasurer: Camilo Rey Sanchez

Camilo is a Ph.D. student in the Environmental Science Graduate Program (ESGP) working with Dr. Gil Bohrer. He is a forest engineer from Colombia interested in studying gas exchange between the atmosphere and the biosphere. In particular, Camilo studies methane fluxes from wetlands. Before coming to OSU, Camilo worked in different projects in the tropical forest at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panamá. He also worked in the Andean Forest of Colombia at the University of El Rosario in Bogotá.

Secretary: Phoo Zone

Phoo is a first year MS student and working with Dr. Steven Culman. She studies the effect of phosphorus and potassium fertilization on nutrient concentrations in grain and tissue of corn, soybean and wheat. The finding from her project will be used as a part of new Tri State fertilizer recommendation. Phoo originally comes from Myanmar and plans to go back in the future to help with the lives of farmers in her country.  While serving as a secretary of ESGP program, Phoo hopes to connect with other students and fellow researchers in the field and help organizing the various activities of ESGP program.