ESGP Student Association (ESGP-SA)

The Environmental Science Graduate Program - Student Association (ESGP-SA) organizes events for students, faculty and alumni to network and share ideas. These gatherings provide meaningful opportunities for ESGP peers to come together. The board (listed below)  is interested in hearing from faculty, students and alumni.

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The 2018 – 2019 ESGP-SA Board


President: Matt Young

Matt Young is from Westerville, Ohio and has been a buckeye for his entire life. He is starting his second year in ESGP and has thoroughly enjoyed his time thus far. He is looking forward to this upcoming year and hopes that as president of the ESGP sutdent association, there can be a number of events that bring everyone from the program together. Matt's research focuses on designing energy efficient ventiliation systems to reduce building demands. Currently, he is wokring with Dr. Clark and Dr. May to evaluate the use of low-cost PM 2.5 sensors for indoor building applications. PM 2.5 is the most concerning indoor pollutant and by using accurate, low-cost PM 2.5 sensors, his lab hopes to design smart ventilation systems based on demand responses.

Vice President: Samantha McCabe

Samantha is a second year masters student analyzing the macronutrients and biomass of arctic wetland plants under changing habitat conditions from a shifting climate, advised by Dr. Virginia Rich. She spent summer 2018 in Abisko, Sweden completing field work for this project. Her previous research with squatic and marine ecosystems took place in North Carolina and Bocas del Toro, Panama. Originally from Philadelphia, she loves travel and new experiences. She is a regular at ESGP happy hours and events, enjoys planning these with the ESGP-SA, and is excited to meet incoming ESGP students!

Treasurer: Anjelica Moreno

Anjelica is a second year masters student working with Dr. Andrew May. She's from Defiance, OH and graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor's in meteorology. Her research is focused on modeling air dispertion of different chemicals from a facility in Washington, WV and studying the environmental and health impacts. She hopes to grow relationships within ESGP through fun activities and give new students a chance to connect with others.

Secretary: Haley Kujawa

Haley is a second-year masters student in Agricultural Engineering studying water quality modeling with Dr. Margaret Kalcic. She did her undergraduate at Virginia Tech in Biological Systems Engineering and graduated in May 2017. She enjoys anything outdoors and hanging out with her puggle named Chicken.

Social Media Chair: Sarah Haines

Sarah is a second-year masters student in ESGP. She grew up in Northeast Ohio in the city of Kirtland and graduated with a bachelors's degree in environmental engineering from OSU in May of 2017. During her undergraduate at OSU she began working with Karen Dannemiller researching how microbial growth in carpet dust is affected by daily variations in relative humidity. She has continued this research into her masters and it is the focus of her thesis. Sarah is also involved in other research projects such as creating a phone application that helps measure formaldehyde levels in homes and a project with NASA looking at microbial growth in dust aboard the International Space Station. As the first social media chair, Sarah hopes to encourage connections between students online, while also promoting ESGP events. She is excited to be a part of your ESGP-SA and looks forward to all the activities that are planned for this coming school year!