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Theses and Dissertations

Below is a listing of the theses and dissertations that have been completed by our students. They are in descending date order. Please note: M in parenthesis after the name refers to M.S., and P refers to Ph.D.; at the end of an entry is the name of student's advisor.

Spring 2019

  1. Cochran, Samuel (M); "Improved quantification of fungal exposures in house dust from homes of asthmatic children using quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR)"; Dr. Karen Dannemiller 
  2. Evans, Morgan (P); "Microbial transformations of organic chemicals in produced fluid from hydraulically fractured natural-gas wells"; Dr. Gil Bohrer and Dr. Paula Mouser 
  3. Haines, Sarah (M); "Characterization of bioaerosols in dust collected on the International Space Station (ISS)"; Dr. Karen Dannemiller
  4. Kujawa, Haley (M); "Evaluation of uncertainty in a Maumee River Watershed Soil and Water Assessment Tool under current conditions and future climate projections"; Dr. Margaret Kalcic 
  5. Moreno, Anjelica (M); "Modeling Atmospheric Transport of Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances from Chemours Facilities Using CALPUFF View"; Dr. Andrew May
  6. Ogland-Hand, Jonathan (P); "Integrated Systems Analyses of Using Geologically Stored CO2 and Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Resources to Produce and Store Energy"; Dr. Jeffrey Bielicki 

Autumn 2018

  1. Ding, Yang (M); "Oxidation-Reduction Enzyme Assay as Soil Quality Indicators and Relationships to Crop Productivity"; Dr. Richard Dick
  2. Handler, Miriam (M); "Olfactory navigation of pigeons represented by aerosol dispersion modeling"; Dr. Gil Bohrer
  3. Huffman, Demie (M); "Refractory black carbon at Crawford Point, Greenland: Implications for mitigation policy"; Dr. Joel Barker
  4. Kohan, Danielle (M); Using Solid Phase Microextraction to Measure Aqueous PAH Release from Contaminated Sediment During Ultrasound"; Dr. Linda Weavers
  5. Mori, Hiroki (P); "Environmental and Other Factors Contributing to the Spatio-Temporal Variability of West Nile Virus in the United States"; Dr. Motomu Ibraki 
  6. Sanchez, Andres Rey (P); "Methane Emissions from Wetlands with Heterogeneous Land Cover Types: Biological and Physical Drivers in a Marsh and a Peat Bog in Ohio"; Dr. Gil Bohrer
  7. Tuozzolo, Stephen (P);"A study of river discharge estimation methods for the forthcoming Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission"; Dr. Michael Durand 

Summer 2018

  1. Khanal, Asmita (M); "Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Corn Stover Collection for Biofuels Production"; Dr. Ajay Shah
  2. Hu, Tongxi (M); " Impacts of climate variabilities on maize yield across the US: Insights from a Bayesian modeling analysis"; Dr. Kaiguang Zhao
  3. Saltos, Theodore (P); "Assessment of Agricultural Nutrient Pollution to Lake Erie from the Maumee and Sandusky Watersheds: Analyzing Trends in Hydrology, Nutrient Loading, and Policy Using a Statistical Approach" ; Dr. Brent Sohngen

Spring 2018

  1. Bope, Ashleigh (M); "Using Digital PCR to Improve Quantitative Measurement of Bacterial and Fungal DNA from Carpet Dusts in the Built Environment; Dr. Karen Dannemiller
  2. Guo, Yanting (P); " Using Water Quality Trading to Promote Conservation Measure Adoption in the Blanchard River Watershed, Ohio, In the Context of Climate Change"; Dr. Karen Mancl
  3. Seungjun Lee (P); "Microbiome and Virome Dynamics in Lakes Impacted by Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms and the Fate of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxin in Crops and Soil"; Dr. Jiyoung Lee
  4. Dan Liu (M); "Quantifying and Valuating Radiative Forcing of Land-use Changes from Potential Forestry Activities across the Globe"; Dr. Kaiguang Zhao
  5. Shelby Stults (M); "Quantifying Environmental Services: A Spatial Analysis of Northern Guatemala"; Dr. Brent Sohngen

Autumn 2017

  1. Brooker, Michael (P); "Water Contaminants of the Lake Erie Watershed"; Dr. Jonathan Witter
  2. Fair, Heather (P); "Ecology of aquatic insects in monsoonal temperate glacier streams of Southeast Tibet: A departure from the conceptual model", Dr. Roman Lanno
  3. Hagley, Paige (M);  "Empowerment, Uncertainty, and Perceived Impacts of Shale Energy Development in Eastern Ohio"; Dr. Jeffrey Bielicki;
  4. Lattin, Esther (M); "Improved Onsite Wastewater Disinfection and Nutrient Removal for Safe Discharge and Reuse", Dr. Richard Dick
  5. Zeng, Fengzhencheng (M); "Phosphorus Retention and Regeneration of EAF Steel Slag and a Synthetic Iron Oxyhydroxide" Dr. Larry Brown

Summer 2017

  1. Harrison, Jennifer (P); "Exploring the Role of Data Engagement in Intent to Change Management Practices for Improved Farm Sustainability," Dr. Casey Hoy
  2. Long Lin (P); "Technical, Microbial, and Economic Study on Thermophilic Solid-state Anaerobic Digestion of Lignocellulosic Biomass" Dr. Zhongtang Yu
  3. Kun Liu (P); "Improved Onsite Wastewater Disinfection and Nutrient Removal for Safe Discharge and Reuse" Dr. Karen Mancl

Spring 2017

  1. Fagan, William (M); Non-Thesis
  2. Mass, Ellen (M); "The Cascading Effects of Climate Change on Soil Organic Matter" Dr. Rattan Lal
  3. Morin, Timothy (P); "The nexus of observing and modeling methane emissions from inland water bodies" Dr. Gil Bohrer
  4. Riusech, Natalia Solis (M); "Varroa mite control in honey bee colonies: The use of a fatty acid blend (C8910) for Varroa mite control and exploring management practices used by beekeepers in full-sized colonies" Dr. Reed Johnson
  5. Yuan, Chenyi (P); "The Photofate of Pesticides and Dissolved Organic Matter in Diverse Aquatic Systems" Dr. Linda Weavers

Autumn 2016

  1. Julia Laudick (M); "Microbial Biostimulants in Organic Farming Systems: Patterns of Current Use and an Investigation of Their Efficacy in Different Soil Environments", Dr. Matthew Kleinhenz
  2. Yogendra Raut (P); "Sustainable Bioenergy Feedstock Production Using Long-Term (1999-2014) Conservation Reserve Program Land", Dr. Marc Sulc
  3. Molly Semones (M); "Dynamics in the reactivity and photochemical production of hydroxyl radical in treated wastewater effluent and aquatic dissolved organic matter.",  Dr. Yu-Ping Chin 
  4. Scott Stuckman (P); "Global Three-Dimensional Atmospheric Structure of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation as Revealed by Two Reanalyses", Dr. Jialin Lin
  5. Ryan Trexler (M); Lipid Analysis and Microbial Community Characterization of Subsurface Shale, Dr. Paula Mousser
  6. Hannah Whitehead (M); "Varroa mite management among small-scale beekeepers: Characterizing factors that affect IPM adoption, and exploring drone brood removal as an IPM tool", Dr. Casey Hoy
  7. Xu Zhang (P); "Development of A Microengineered Approach for Quantitative Assessment of Intercelluar Communication in Cell Doublets and Microscale Tissue Models", Dr. Yi Zhao

Summer 2016

  1. Albanese, Katie (P); "Environmental Impact from Outdoor/Environmental Education Programs: Effects of Frequent Stream Classes on Aquatic Macroinvertebrates" Dr. Roman Lanno
  2. Bell, Patrick (P); "Sustainable Intensification for Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation in Tanzania", Dr. Rattan Lal
  3. Bond, Laura (M); "Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing Infrastructure on Storm Runoff Characteristics", Dr. Nick Basta 
  4. Stevens, Brooke (P); "Bioaccessibility, Bioavailability, and Chemical Speciation of Arsenic in Contaminated Soild and Soild Wastes" Dr. Nick Basta

Spring 2016

  1. Bossley, Jon (P); "Environmental Impact from Outdoor/Environmental Education Programs: Effects on Frequent Stream Classes on Aquatic Macroinvertebrates" Dr. Susan Fisher
  2. Johnson, Reed (M); "On-Farm Assessment of Soil Properties under Different Management Practices in West-Central Ohio" Dr. Rattan Lal
  3. Reppun, Frederick (M); "Invasive Marine Algae as a Soil Amendment for Island Farmers: Agronomic and Ethnographic Assessment of Implications for Nutrient Management:, Dr. Casey Hoy
  4. Sovic, David (P); "Estrogens, Endocrine Distruption, and Approaches to Assessing Gametogenesis and Reproductive Condition in Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae)" Dr. Roman Lanno
  5. Stinner, Jed (P); "Effects of Agroecosystem Management on water quality in multiple watersheds in Ohio", Dr. Casey Hoy
  6. Sutula, Glenn (M); " Developing a Framework for the Purposes of Locating Undiscovered Hydrogeologic Windows", Dr. Jeff Bilecki

Autumn 2015

  1. Peng, Qicheng (M); "Impact of Precipitation Variability on Above- and Below-ground Carbon Allocation of Maize" Dr. G Sivadran

Summer 2015

  1. Kenny, William (P); "The Development and Application of the Hi-Resolution VOC Atmospheric Chemistry in Canopies Model" Dr. Gil Bohrer
  2. Hsu, Tsung-Ta (P); "Public Health Ecosystem Services and Potential Concerns of Freshwater Wetlands" Dr. Jiyoung Lee
  3. McClain, Krystaal (M); "Environmental Drivers of Migration in Two Israeli Raptor Species" Dr. Gil Bohrer
  4. Liang, Zhenfei (M); Dr. Nick Basta
  5. Hariharan, Janani (M); "Predictive Functional Profiing of Soil Microbes under Different Tillages and Crop Rotations in Ohio" Dr. Parwinder Grewal

Spring 2015

  1. *Moonilall, Nall (M); "Impact of Amendments on Soil Properties and Agronomic Productivity in Guyana" Dr. Rattan Lal
  2. *Sutton, Claire (M); "Impact of Management on Soil Fertility and Rice Yields in Smallholder Farms in Tanzania" Dr. Rattan Lal
  3. *Eidson, Christopher (M); "Soil Quality and Corn-Soybean Yeilds as affacted by Winter Rye at Three Sites in the U.S. Corn Belt" Dr. Rattan Lal
  4. Evert, Mary (M);
  5. Zhao, Yiming (M); "Trends in Air Temperature, Precipitation, and Potential Evaportranspiration in Southeastern United States and East-central China" Dr. Richard Moore

Autumn 2014

  1. Boaz, Lindsey (M); "Influences of Fluvial Geomorphology on Aquatic-to-Terrestrial Hg Transport: Evidence from Protected and Urban Streams of Central Ohio, USA" Dr. Kristi Lekies
  2. Chatziefstratiou, Efthalia (P); "Simulation of Tree Stem Injury, Air Flow and Heat Dispersion in Forests for Prediction of Fire Effects" Dr. Gil Bohrer
  3. Kim, Taewook (M); "GSFLOW Modeling of the Souhegan River Watershed, New Hampshire, USA" Dr. Frank Schwartz
  4. Wang, Yaoping (M); "Statistical Downscaling along the US Eastern Coast by Two Methods with Application on Intensity-Duration-Frequency curve Changes" Dr. Jeffery Belicki

Summer 2014

  1. *Wojno, Michal(P); "Improved Diet Utilization of Intensively Cultured Fish to Address Environmental Sustainability- Amino Acid Requirement in Carp (Cyprinus carpio)" Dr. Konrad Dabrowski
  2. *Mcdonough, Peter(M); "The Effects of Food Aid on Agricultural Practices in Jumla, Nepal" Dr. Douglas Doohan
  3. Chen, Lijun(P); Dr. Brian Lower
  4. Sharma, Kuhuk(P); "Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination and Restoration of Soil Food Web Structural Complexity in Urban Vacant Lots in Two Post-Industrial Cities" Dr. P. Larry Phelan
  5. Xie, Yina(P); "Watershed Modeling, Farm Tenancy and Adoption of Conservation Measures to Facilitate Water Quality Trading in the Upper Scioto Watershed, Ohio" Dr. Richard Moore
  6. Xu, Fuqing(P); "Experimental Studies and Modeling of Solid-StateAnaerobic Digestion for Enhanced Methane Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass" Dr. Yebo Li
  7. Zhang, Feng(P); "Cyanobacterial Blooms: Causes, Innovative Monitoring and Human Health Impact" Dr. Jiyoung Lee
  8. Ding, Guannan(M); Dr. Karen Mancl
  9. Evert, Mary(M); Dr. Paula Mouser

Spring 2014

  1. Stuckman, Mengling(P); "Biotic Arsenic Mobilization in Natural and Anthropogenic Systems from Redox Transformations of Arsenic, Iron and Sulfur" Dr. John Lenhart
  2. Villa Betancur, Jorge(P); "Carbon Dynamics of Subtropical Wetland Communities in South Florida" Dr. William Mitsch
  3. Waletzko, Evan(P); "Carbon Budgets of Created Riverine Wetlands in the Midwestern USA" Dr. William Mitsch
  4. Nye, Mark(M); "Microbial Community Structure in Soils Amended with Glyphosate Tolerant Soybean Residue" Dr. Richard Dick

Autumn 2013

  1. Hua, Wei(P) "Interfacial Water Organization and Ion Distributions Investigated with Vibrational Sum Frequency Spectroscopy: Answering Fundamental Questions for Environmental Chemistry" Dr. Heather Allen
  2. Li, Yueh-Fen(P) "An Integrated Study on Microbial Community in Anaerobic Digestion Systems" Dr. Zhongtang Yu
  3. Brooker, Michael(M) "The Wetland Dilemma: Nitrogen Removal at the Expense of Methane Generation" Dr. Paula Mouser
  4. Deniro, Julia(M) "Airborne Transport of Foodborne Pathogens from Bovine Manure to Vegetable Surfaces" Dr. Douglas Doohan
  5. Azrieli, Liel Naor(M) "Determining the Meteorological Forcing that Affects the Dynamics of Methane Emissions from Wetlands" Dr. Gil Bohrer

Summer 2013

  1. Hottle, Ryan (P) "Quantifying the impact of biochar on plant productivity and changes to soil physical and chemical properties on a maize soybean rotation in the U.S." Dr. Rattan Lal

Spring 2013

  1. Ansari, Maryam (M) "Microbial Aspects of Shale Flowback Fluids and Response to Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids" Dr. Paula Mouser
  2. Kerrick, Benjamin Carl (M) "Borrowed Ground: Evaluating the Potential Role of Usufruct in Neighborhood-Scale Foodsheds" Dr. Casey W. Hoy
  3. Kolbe, Elizabeth Leigh (M) "Visualizing and Quantifying a Normative Scenario for Agriculture in Northeast Ohio" Dr. Casey W. Hoy
  4. Mou, Qian (M); Dr. Desheng Liu
  5. Richey, Jamie Sue (M); Dr. Nicholas T. Basta
  6. Xu, Jie (M) "Using Tall Fescue to Remove Nutrients from Renovated Turkey Processing Wastewater" Dr. Karen M. Mancl
  7. Yin, Tingting (M); Dr. Harold W. Walker
  8. Zaret, Shannon Lee (M) "Volunteer Establishment of Miscanthus × giganteus Vegetative Propagules: Implications for Biofuel Production" Dr. Allison A. Snow

Autumn 2012

  1. Babb, Thomas (M) "Assessing the relationship between wetland quality and home prices: a Hedonic study" Dr. Brent Sohngen
  2. Dubey, Anjali (P) "Climate change and hydrological budget" Dr. Rattan Lal
  3. Liu, Guangdong (M) "Urban watershed characterizations: Dry Run, Columbus, OH" Dr. Frank Schwartz
  4. Reeves, Jennifer (M) "An assessment of soil health and productivity in urban gardens" Dr. Parwinder Grewal
  5. Sheng, Ming (M) "Sizing stream setback using GIS tools for stream protection" Dr. Steven Gordon
  6. Wei, Xiaoping (P) "Identification and remediation of microbial contaminants in the Upper Sugar Creek watershed, OH" Dr. Richard Moore

Summer 2012

  1. Dey, Swati (P) "Ribulose 1.5. Bisphosphate Carboncylase/oxygenase metabolizes carbon and culfer via two distinct pathways" Dr. F. Robert Tabita
  2. Kreinberg, Allison (M) "The sorption and transformation of Tylosin and Progesterone by soils" Dr. Yu-Ping Chin
  3. Tuckerman, Samantha (M) "Peak oil: knowledge, attitudes, and programming activities in public health" Dr. John Mac Crawford

Spring 2012

  1. Busalacchi, Dawn (M) "Evaluation of biosolids for use in ecological restoration" Dr. Nicholas Basta
  2. McCreery, Anna (P) "Urban transportation ecoefficiency: social and political forces for change in U.S. metropolitan areas" Dr. J. Craig Jenkins
  3. Stefanik, Kay (P) "Structure and function of vascular plant communities in created and restored wetlands in Ohio" Dr. William Mitsch
  4. Xing, Yang (P) "Local Environment Attachment and the Possibility of Using Citizen Science Approaches to Measure Firefly Populations in Time and Place" Dr. Richard Moore
  5. Zhang, Yiding (M) "Predicting river aquatic productivity and dissolved oxygen before and after dam removal in central Ohio, USA" Dr. William Mitsch

Autumn 2011

  1. Akkari, Omar (M) "Viability of limiting bioavailability of heavy metal contaminants using chemical stabilization techniques for residential land reclamation" (technical paper) Dr. Steven Gordon
  2. Langlois, Maureen (M) "Using contaminant photoreactivity as a holistic indicator to monitor changes in wetland water characteristics" Dr. Yu-Ping Chin and Linda Weavers, co-advisors
  3. Little, Brandon (M) "Earthworm uptake and sequestration of lead in a terrestrial environment" Dr. Roman Lanno
  4. Paisley-Jones, Claire (M) "Monitoring agroecosystem biodiversity using bioacoustics and remote recording units" Dr. Casey Hoy
  5. Varughese, Merrie Ann (M) "Mulching and tillage effects on GHG emissions, soil physical and chemical properties of an Alfisol in Central Ohio" Dr. Rattan Lal

Summer 2011

  1. Card, Marcella (P) "Interactions among soil, plants, and endocrine disrupting compounds in livestock agriculture" Dr. Yu-Ping Chin
  2. Liu, Ganming (P) "Hydrologic response of surface waters in the prairie pothole region to climate variability" Dr. Frank Schwartz

Spring 2011

  1. Davidson-Bennett, Keely (M) "Watershed urbanization impacts to headwater streams in northeastern Ohio" Dr. P. Charles Goebel
  2. Fluke, Stefanie (M) "Youth scientists; creating environmental stewards" (technical paper) Dr. John Cardina
  3. Narine, Lindon (M) "Treating animal wastewater with constructed wetlands: a review" (technical paper) Dr. Larry Brown
  4. Nelson, Michael (P) "An integrated investigation of the microbial communities underpinning biogas production in anaerobic digestion systems" Dr. Mark Morrison and Dr. Zhongtang Yu, co-advisors
  5. Selhorst, Adam (P) "Carbon sequestration by home lawn turfgrass development and maintenance in diverse climatic regions of the United States" Dr. Rattan Lal
  6. Vedachalam, Sridhar (P) "Attitudinal, economic and technological approaches to wastewater management in rural Ohio" Dr. Karen Mancl

Autumn 2010

  1. Batson, Jacqulyn (M) "Denitrification and a nitrogen budget in created riparian wetlands" Dr. William Mitsch
  2. Bowzer, John (M) "Evaluation of aquaculture techniques to improve growth and health of Ohio sport fish, sunshine bass (Morone chrysops x M. saxatilis) and walleye Sander vitreus" Dr. Konrad Dabrowski
  3. Gao, Yuan (M) "Ultrasonic Control of Ultrafiltration Membrane Fouling by Surface Water: Effects of Calcium, pH, Ionic Strength and Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Fractions" Dr. Harold Walker

Summer 2010

  1. Horn, Jonathan (M) "EcoLE-FisH YP: mathematical modeling of yellow perch recruitment in Lake Erie" Dr. David Culver and Elizabeth Marschall, co-advisors
  2. Ward, Collin (M) "Direct and indirect photochemical degradation of two polycyclic musk fragrances and two polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in natural waters" Dr. Yu-Ping Chin

Spring 2010

  1. Dabrowska, Kornelia (P) "Linking profitability, renewable energy, and externalities: a spatial econometric assessment of the sustainability of Ohio daries" Dr. Fredrick Hitzhusen
  2. Fair, Heather (M) "Headwater landscape variations and biodiversity: applicability of Ohio habitat evaluation indices in a glacier catchment of the Mekong river" Dr. Richard Moore
  3. Sierra Hernandez, Maria Roxana (P) "Spectroscopic studies of atmospheric relevant air aqueous interfaces" Dr. Heather Allen
  4. Hossler, Kathleen (P) "Nutrient cycling and the role of arbuscular mycorrhizae in created and natural wetlands in central Ohio" Dr. Robert Gates and Dr. Virginie Bouchard, co-advisors

Winter 2010

  1. Beekman, Christopher (P) "Differential optical absorption spectroscopy of trace gas species and aerosols in the upper Ohio river valley" Dr. Heather Allen
  2. Brumbaugh, Erica (M) "Using fish culture ponds to examine factors affecting larval hybrid striped bass growth and survival" Dr.Stuart Ludsin
  3. Casillas-Ituarte, Nadia (P) "Spectroscopic studies in atmospheric relevant air-water and air-silica interfaces" Dr. Heather Allen
  4. Surendran Nair, Sujith Kumar (P) "Three essay on watershed modeling: value of water quality and optimization of conservation management" Dr. Brent Sohngen
  5. Thorne, Mark (P) "Calcareous compacted mine soil in southeast Ohio: a prairie grass habitat" Dr. John Cardina
  6. Yang, Hanbae (P) "Development and evaluation of a biphasic rain garden for stormwater runoff management" Dr. Warren Dick and Dr. Parwinder Grewal, co-advisors

Autumn 2009

  1. Khadka Mishra, Shruti (P) "Estimation of social cost of electricity from coal in Ohio: a OH-MARKAL extension" Dr. Fredrick Hitzhusen
  2. Yadav, Priyanka (M) "Factors affecting mosquito populations in created wetlands" Dr. Parwinder Grewal
  3. Yu, Shuo (P) "Bioaccumulation of metals in earthworms" Dr. Roman Lanno

Summer 2009

  1. Bingham, Sonia (M) "Aquatic macroinvertebrate use of rootmat habitat created by eight woody riparian  species"  Dr. Virginie Bouchard
  2. Guerard, Jennifer (P) "The characterization of dissolved organic matter and its influence on the photochemical fate of antibiotics used in aquaculture"  Dr. Yu-Ping Chin
  3. Nahlik, Amanda (P) "Water Quality Improvement and Methane Emissions from Tropical and Temperate Wetlands" Dr. William Mitsch
  4. Park, SunJeong (P) "Anthropogenic influence associated with urban development on soil nitrogen fixing bacteria, nematode community and nutrient pools" Dr. Parwinder Grewal
  5. Yi, Mengling (M) "Arsenic leaching from spent absorbents under landfill conditions" Dr. John Lenhart

Spring 2009

  1. Hurdzan, Christopher (P) "Chlorobenzene toxicity to oligochaetes: mixtures and predictions" Dr. Roman Lanno
  2. Kephart, Christopher (M) "The effect of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) on water quality"(technical paper) Dr. Olli Tuovinen
  3. Keljo, Kurt (M) "Effects of hydrologic pulsing and vegetation on invertebrate communities in wetlands" Dr.   William Mitsch
  4. Kiger, Sarah (M) "Environmental and energy benefits from conservation reserve program lands versus returns from row crops" Dr. Fredrick Hitzhusen
  5. Rice, Constance (M) "Examining the effects of plant diversity and community composition on reducing conditions in the soil of experimental wetlands" Dr. Virginie Bouchard

Winter 2009

  1. Agarwal, Sheela G. (P) "Cr(UI) reduction by Fe(II)-dissolved organic matter complexes and the characterization of  pore water dissolved organic matter from a coastal freshwater wetland in the Laurentian Great Lakes " Dr. Yu-Ping Chin
  2. Dubey, Anjali (M) "Carbon footprints of agriculture in Ohio, USA and Punjab, India" Dr. Rattan Lal
  3. Ingman, Edmund (M) "Effectiveness of amur honeysuckle (lonicera maackii) removal treatments in ravine forests of central Ohio" Dr. David Hix

Autumn 2008

  1. Tao, Jing (P) "Treatment of sanitary sewer overflow using fixed media bioreactors" Dr. Karen Mancl
  2. Zhang, Bo (P) "Data mining, GIS and remote sensing: application in wetland hydrological investigation"  Dr. Frank Schwartz

Summer 2008

  1. Bhang, Kon Joon (P) "Remote Sensing Approach for Hydrologic Assessments of Complex Lake Systems" Dr. Frank Swartz
  2. Deojay, Dawn (M) "Sonochemical degradation of octylbenzene sulfonated by pulsed ultrasound at 616, 205 and 69 KHZ" Dr. Linda Weavers
  3. Jacobs, Laura (P) "Photochemical transformation of three polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ibuprophen, and caffeine in natural waters"  Dr. Yu-Ping Chin and Dr. Linda Weavers
  4. McGee, Lauren (M) "Effects of Low-head Dams on Habitat Structure, Carbon and Nitrogen Allocation, and Microbial Activity in Urban Rivers"  Dr. Virginie Bouchard
  5. Rasik, Carrie (M) "Compositions, structures, and potential carbon sequestration of gross woods and lawrence woods: two forests in the central till plains of western Ohio [pdf]" Dr. David Hix
  6. Trouts, Tamara (M) "Photolysis of metolachl and triclocarban sensitized by natural water constituents" Dr. Yu-Ping Chin

Spring 2008

  1. Spahr, Paul (M) "Using geovisualizations and GIS to present spatia-temporal water withdrawals for Ohio and the conterminous United States" Dr. Scott Bair
  2. Hupp, Andrew (M) "The use of organic matter to reduce damage by plant-parasitic root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) and increase growth in organic vegetable crops" (technical paper) Dr. Clive Edwards
  3. Pinheiro, Natalie (M) "Comparison of the composition, structure, and stand dynamics of second-growth and old-growth beech-maple stands in north-central Ohio" Dr. P. Charles Goebel
  4. Xiao, Ruiyang (M) "The freezing of highly sub-cooled H20/D20 droplets" Dr. Linda Weavers

Winter 2008

  1. Xu, Man (P) "Vibrational sum frequency and raman spectroscopic studies of air-aqueous interfaces and solutions of nitrate salts, and air-silica surface absorption studies" Dr. Heather Allen
  2. Sellman, Sarah (M) "Bioconcentration of polychlorinated biphenyls in solid-phase microextracton fibers and aquatic invertebrates" Dr. Roman Lanno

Autumn 2007

  1. Viswakumar, Anjali (M) "Evaluation of four buffer solutions for determining the lime requirement for Ohio soils"  Dr. Robert W. Mullen

Summer 2007

  1. Arar, Joseph I. (P) "A model to evaluate CO2 emission reduction strategies in the US" Dr. Douglas D. Southgate 
  2. Cheng, Zhiqiang (P) "Ecology of urban lawns: the impact of establishment and management on plant species composition, soil food webs, and ecosystem functioning." Dr. Parwinder Grewal 
  3. Morgan, Jennifer A. (P) "Water quality improvement and plant root function in an ecological system treating dairy wastewater." Dr. Jay F. Martin 
  4. Rowan, Michael W. (P) "Use of blood parameters as biomarkers in brown bullheads (Ameiurus nebulosus) from Lake Erie tributaries and Cape Cod ponds." Dr. Susan W. Fisher
  5. Singh, Mamta Hari Om (P) "Soil organic carbon pools in turfgrass systems of Ohio." Dr. Grewal Parwinder
  6. Heimberger, Paul A. (M) "Composition, Structure, and successional dynamics of Johnson Woods, an old -growth forest fragment in transition" Dr. David M. Hix

Spring 2007

  1. Altor, Anne E. (P) "Methane and carbon dioxide fluxes in created riparian wetlands in the midwestern USA: Effects of hydrologic pulses, emergent vegetation and hydric soils." Dr. William Mitsch
  2. Everett, Lynn R. (M) "The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR): current and future concerns, varied perspectives on development" Dr. Peter Webb
  3. Koontz, Julie P. (M) "" Dr. Roman Lanno
  4. Selhorst, Adam L. (M) "Carbon sequestration and emissions due to golf course turfgrass development and maintenance in central Ohio" Dr. Rattan Lal

Winter 2007

  1. Fink, Daniel F. (P) "Effects of a pulsing hydroperiod on a created riparian river diversion wetland." Dr. William Mitsch
  2. Hacker, Eli B. (M) "Educational needs of Ohio regulators on onsite wastewater treatment systems." Dr. Karen Mancl
  3. Rokosch, Abby E. (M) "The use of soil parameters as indicators of quality in forested-depressional wetlands." Dr. Virginie Bouchard

Autumn 2006

  1. Smith, Joshua L. (M) "The first two years of macrophyte community establishment in six created freshwater marshes undergoing invasive species management." Dr. Jay Martin

Summer 2006

  1. Smith, Annemarie (M) "Effects of community structure on forest susceptibility and response to the Emerald Ash Borer invasion of the Huron River watershed in southeast Michigan." Dr. Daniel Herms
  2. Batish, Sapna (P) "Use of Landsat for managing coastal ecosystems of the USVI." Dr. Carolyn Merry
  3. Hernandez, Maria E. (P) "The effect of hydrologic pulses on nitrogen biogeochemistry in created riparian wetlands in the midwestern USA." Dr. William Mitsch

Spring 2006

  1. Foster, Jill N. (M) "An in-vitro gastrointestinal method to determine the bioavailability of Arsenic in contaminated soil: a kinetic study." Dr. Nicholas Basta
  2. Hardesty, Amanda J. (M) "The role and value of urban parks in Tomsk, Russia." Dr. Brent Sohngen
  3. Koenig, Amanda B. (M) "Use of high resolution magic angle spinning NMR to examine the nature and reactivity of lignin from brown rotted wood." Dr. Pat Hatcher
  4. Ockels, Frances S. (M) "Ecological aspects of sudden oak death." Dr. Pierluigi Bonello
  5. Puranik, Devayani D. (M-DD with CRP) "" Dr. Mohan Wali
  6. Smith, David A. (P) "An integrated approach to evaluating the environmental impact following a radiological dispersal event." Dr. Audeen Fentiman
  7. Yu, Shuo (M) "Determination of nickel availability by urease activity." Dr. Warren Dick

Winter 2006

  1. Crivella, Ellen J (M) "An analysis of the environmental justice characteristics of three Ohio counties: Franklin, Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties." Dr. Ted Napier
  2. Elder, Jacob W. (M) "Tillage effects on physical properties and precesses of organic soils in North Central Ohio." Dr. Rattan Lal

Autumn 2005

  1. Nahlik, Amanda M (M) "The effects of river pulsing on sedimentation in two created riparian wetlands." Dr. William Mitsch
  2. Tuttle, Cassandra L (M)"The effects of hydrologic pulsing on aquatic metabolism in created riparian wetlands." Dr. William Mitsch
  3. von Fahnestock, Michael (P) "Niche applications of in-vessel composting." Dr. Olli Tuovinen

Summer 2005

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