Becoming an ESGP Faculty Member

Send the following three items to Kelly Malone (

  1. PDF icon PDF icon PDF icon Faculty Petition Request Letter.pdf  requesting to join ESGP explaining the environmental and interdisciplinary components of your program
  2. PDF icon PDF icon Letter from your Department Chair.pdf supporting your request for affiliation with ESGP 
  3. Your CV

Getting Students to Join You

  • Invite competitive prospective students to visit campus with $250 ESGP support
  • Contact students directly to discuss fit and research interest
  • Contact ESGP program coordinator to request more applicant info including admissions decision

Support for Student Travel

  • Up to $500 for student travel to present research at professional/scientific conferences

Faculty Benefits

  • One year (AU & SP) GTA support for ESGP accepted students
  • Opportunity to participate in fellowship competition for ESGP students at the University (University Fellowship), College (OARDC) and Program level (Fay Fellowship)
  • Invite competitive prospective students to visit campus with $250 ESGP support
  • Opportunity to list your course offerings as an ESGP core
  • Join a Specialization faculty committee
  • Access to high quality graduate students of diverse backgrounds
  • Interdisciplinary training for graduate students
  • Meaningful interdisciplinary collaboration with other faculty from across OSU colleges
  • Additional resources for home department and research program in the form of fellowships, Graduate Teaching Associate support and course credits

Adding A Course to Core Curriculum

    All ESGP Core Courses must be nominated and voted on by the GSC before they qualify and can be added to the course listing. If you have a course you would like to nominate to become part of the core curriculum, there are a few simple steps. 
    The following materials can be sent to
    1. An extended copy of the course syllabus, including when it will be offered.
    2. Which core it would fit under (Biological, Physical or Social Sciences).
    3. A short letter addressed to the department's GSC explaining why the course would benefit ESGP students/should be added. 
    *For more details, see the ESGP handbook under Appendix I.

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