Application Instructions



We only admit for Autumn Semester each year. Students must apply online and submit all materials (Graduate Admissions and Department requirements) electronically through the Office of Graduate Admissions.  Please note that your recommenders will receive an email from the university 1-3 days after you submit your application and they should follow the instructions in that email for uploading their letters.  In addition, while you can apply without a confirmed OSU faculty advisor, our admissions committee WILL NOT admit a student who does not have a confirmed advisor, nor will we match an academic year of funding unless the advisor provides the the other years of funding.

November 30:      International applicant deadline
December 15:       Domestic applicant deadline


As a member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, Ohio State participates in the FreeApp Fee Waiver Program.   For information on the program and to see if you are eligible, go to the Big 10 Academic Alliance web site.  

Application Components

  • Statement of Purpose (see below for information related to the statement of purpose)
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation*
  • University Transcripts**
  • GRE General Test scores are optional
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores (if applicable; please see the university policy for the language requirement).  Scores must be no more than 5 years old.  Official scores must be submitted by ETS to the OSU Office of Graduate Admissions using the Ohio State University Code: 1592.    
  • One or more Affidavit of Support for International Graduate Students forms and all required supporting financial documents (for international applicants)
  • A $70 application fee for foreign students or $60 application fee for domestic students

*Note on Letters of Recommendation letters: You will be asked to list 3 recommenders as part of the online application and they will receive and email with a link to upload letter.  It could take 1-3 days for your recommenders to get the email and link.   

**Note on Transcripts:  Please visit this link for information on transcripts. Transcripts take 2-4 weeks to process once received.  Students are responsible for requesting official transcripts from their institutions in plenty of time to allow OSU to process them prior to the deadline.

If you have questions about your application, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions. Phone: (614) 292-9444 or email:

Instructions for the Statement of Purpose

The Graduate Studies Committee wants to understand as fully as possible your interest in research pursued through the Environmental Science Graduate Program. Toward this objective, prepare a detailed statement covering the questions and points as outlined. The questions below can be adequately addressed in two typed single-spaced pages or less.

  1. Describe your understanding of the purpose of environmental science and the interdisciplinary focus of your research as it relates
  2. Describe the specific nature of your undergraduate and/or postgraduate research experience.
  3. Describe full or part-time employment, volunteer, or extra-curricular activities as they relate to environmental science.
  4. Discuss how your academic and social development has contributed to your motivation and potential for scientific research.
  5. Why are you seeking advanced education at this time? Do you have the necessary resources to begin a study program if you do not receive financial support through Environmental Science or the university?
  6. Why did you choose to apply to the Environmental Science Graduate Program at The Ohio State University.
  7. Identify three members of the Environmental Science faculty whose research you feel matches well with your research interests.  List your choices in order of preference and specify what particular research problems or fields of. study interest you most.  While faculty will sometimes recruit students themselves, it is up to you to contact faculty you would like to be your advisor. Feel free to contact more than one at a time.  Note that you must have a committed advisor before you will be admitted to our program.  If you've made contact with a faculty member who agrees to be your advisor, please have that person notify our office of their commitment to you. 

Once Your Application is Complete

The Graduate Studies Committee of the ESGP will ONLY review applications that are complete, so please monitor your application status through our Graduate Admissions website ( to check for any outstanding materials.

If our graduate studies committee votes to admit a student and faculty member agrees to advise a student (the faculty member will email the ESGP office confirming this), then you will be admitted to the program. 

Since the pairing process with advisors can take some time, students are encouraged to begin contacting potential advisors at the time of application. Faculty can request to view your application materials through the ESGP office.

Contact Information for Questions

Kelly Malone, the ESGP Coordinator, is your contact for questions about specific ESGP admissions criteria.

Environmental Science Graduate Program
3138A Smith Lab
174 W. 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210 USA
Phone: (614) 292-9762

Contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions about the application or admission process. An admissions counselor will also be happy to check the status of your application for you.

Admissions Office
Graduate Area
The Ohio State University
SAS Bldg. 1st Floor, 281 West Lane Ave.
Columbus Ohio 43210-1200
Phone: (614) 292-9444
Fax: (614) 292-3895