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Jo Peacock

Jo Peacock

Jo Peacock

Assistant Professor



129 Williams Hall, Wooster
1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster, OH 44691

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My research focuses on understanding how we can better restore and manage forest, woodland and savanna habitats within working and degraded landscapes to enhance biodiversity and inform conservation and sustainable land-use. Specific interests include:

  • Developing sustainable management and land-use practices that secure the health and resilience of forested, woody and savanna landscapes
  • Evaluating multi-tropic responses of wildlife to forest, woodland and savanna restoration and exploring the functional roles of wildlife in ecosystem restoration
  • Assessing the effects of ecological and agricultural disturbance on habitats and wildlife – particularly, the use of fire as a restoration and management tool
  • Informing and evaluating landscape-scale restoration approaches that integrate ecological, cultural and socio-economic perspectives

Having a background as a restoration practitioner, I am keen to bridge the gaps between science and practice by working collaboratively with community groups, agencies, NGO’s and other researchers. I seek to develop interdisciplinary research with direct practical application. I currently have ongoing projects located in the tropical savannas and forested lands of Beni, Bolivia and am working to expand my research agenda closer to home in the woody and forested landscapes of the US.

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