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Jason Slot

Jason Slot

Jason Slot

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481C Kottman Hall

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Research Area(s): 
Mycology, Evolution, Genomics, Metabolism, Molecular Ecology, Fungal Evolutionary Genomics


Fungi are critical players in functioning terrestrial ecosystems, from forests to agriculture.  They are the principle decayers of wood and other plant matter. Almost all plants rely on fungi for nutrient acquisition, and many rely upon them for defense against disease and stress. Occasionally, fungi emerge as formidable pathogens of plants and animals, and as toxic agents of food spoilage.

In my lab, we investigate fungal adaptation to these ecological roles at the genomic level. Examples of our research questions are:
How do fungi acquire new metabolic capabilities?
How do fungi adapt to biochemical weapons produced by their plant hosts?
What are the genomic features that indicate good fungi that are turning bad?  
To address these questions, we employ comparative and functional genomics techniques in a broad range of fungal species.

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